Delivering Quality Motivational Interviewing Training: A Survey of MI Trainers

Michael B. Madson, Claire Lane, Jeremy J. Noble


The MI community places an emphasis on attempting to understand the training process. Yet little is known about what MI trainers perceive as the important variables in training MI. A mixed method survey of 92 members of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers was used to elicit important variables to consider in providing quality MI training. Based on results, it appears that MI trainers are familiar with Miller and Moyers’ (2006) eight stages of learning MI and used them to develop trainings. However, the respondents reported that they do not use these stages to evaluate trainings. Moreover, the respondents emphasized the importance of trainee and trainer variables in organizing trainings. They also provided varied opinions regarding the important ingredients in developing MI competency. The authors discuss the need for further empirical exploration of the important training ingredients and the eight stages model. Finally, the need for exploration of how these ingredients help trainees develop competency and future focus on the integration of best practices in adult learning is discussed.


motivational interviewing, training

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